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 The Caliber Collection began in January 2012 as a collaboration with the Mayor of Newark, NJ, Cory Booker, as a way to turn illegal and unwanted guns from our cities streets into jewelry. The vision was simple yet profound. By transforming instruments of destruction, illegal and unwanted weapons and shell casings swept from crime scenes, into jewelry, the Caliber Collection could create a virtuous cycle by funding a gun buyback and amnesty programs from the proceeds of its sales. To date, they have taken over 3,000 illegal guns off the streets and have raised over $225,000 for police departments in Newark, Hartford, the San Francisco Bay Area, Detroit and Miami from the sale of Caliber products to customers in over 87 countries.



A lawyer by training, Jessica Mindich spent many years as a successful entrepreneur creating custom jewelry for nonprofits, schools and other causes.  In 2012, after meeting Cory Booker at a retreat for young leaders, Jessica was invited to Newark where she was initiated into the world of urban gun violence.  Inspired to act, Jessica created an innovative line of jewelry made from guns taken off the streets of Newark, aptly named — The Caliber Collection.  Once exposed to the systemic inequities that has resulted in a disproportionate level of violence and poverty in these disenfranchised communities, Jessica decided to focus solely on The Caliber Collection, and now works alongside community leaders in cities around the country to fight for progress and change.  After years of collaborating with police departments, mayor’s offices, prisons, gang members, community leaders and individuals, Jessica is a recognized voice in the fight against urban gun violence.  Jessica and The Caliber Collection have been featured in pages of O magazine, InStyle, The New York Times and People; online at Daily Candy, The Huffington Post, The Shriver Report and Perez Hilton; and also on ABC News, NBC, Fox News, Yahoo! and CNN.


The Caliber foundation®

Beyond The Collection


The Caliber Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) dedicated to support the victims, families and communities affected by illegal gun violence in America. The charity joins forces with a variety of local organizations within partnered cities. Just as the Caliber Collection® creates opportunities for those who may never have walked the streets of America’s most dangerous cities to participate in making those cities a safer place, the Caliber Foundation connects anyone who donates with the organizations and people on the front lines of re-building lives one small act at a time.

Every day in this country lives are lost, and hearts are broken, the Caliber Foundation offers a helping hand when it is needed, acts of generosity on the parts of many, to help families and communities heal and work together to Raise The Caliber.


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Jessica Mindich created the Raise The Caliber® inititiatiive, a family of passionate creatives dedicated to bringing the topic of gun violence to light through their work. Developed in close cooperation with partner police departments and with the higher purpose to help get illegal guns off America’s toughest streets.  

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